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September 18, 2019

Light Tackle Fishing (fly & Spin) on Jump dem Bones Bermuda | About Jump dem Bones & Rates | Catches and Comments | How to Contact Us | Where to Stay & Other Links | Fishing Forums | Articles | | 10lb Bonefish Club | Previous Catches and Comments |

Light Tackle Fishing (fly & Spin) on Jump dem Bones Bermuda

Bermudaís premier fly and light tackle guide for Bonefish, Hogfish and other inshore species.
Ian has over 30yrs of fishing from light tackle to marlin and will give you a truly Bermudian experience
around the clear blue waters of the island on Jump dem Bones, a custom built 18ft Dolphin Skiff.
All tackle and soft drinks provided, you only need to bring a love for fishing. Open year round.
Full or half day trips at competitive prices. Pick up at various spots around the island. Non-fishing partnerís welcome.

Call 441-747-6911 or click here to send an email today to book your trip

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Q: What there are Bones that far North?
A: You better believe it.

The earliest recording so far of Bones being caught in Bermuda seems to back in 1948 by Mr. Louis S. Mowbray. It was a 12lb 9oz fish caught 2nd November on 6 thread line (WR).
Other catches are Mr. Pete Perinchief 9th December 1950 10lb 6oz (New WR 12lb test category although it was on 6lb test monofilament nylon). Dr H.R. Becker 29th December 1950
14lb fish on 20lb line test (IGFA WR). Mr. Wilfred R. Higgs 7th February 1952 13lb 9.5oz on 12lb test. In `52 Mr. John A. Ferguson caught a 12lb Bone and an 11lb 3oz one in `53.
Not forgetting the women in 1953 Mrs. John Chambers took a new WR for women in the 12lb test class (size unknown) and finally Mrs. Bruce Adams caught a 12lb 12oz fish also in `53.

We canít verify whether all of these were world record fish as the IGFA only has a record of Dr. Beckerís Bone - they are still big fish notwithstanding their WR status.
Large Bones are still being caught here as you will see in the catches and comments pages.

Bones can be caught every month of the year here,even in 63 degree water in February.
"All we need are a couple of nice days in the winter and the Bones come right back into the shallows."
They average in size between 6-12lbs.

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Why do I fish? The easiest answer is:
My father and all my ancestors did it before me.
Jimmy Carter